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, quote, national security justification for the agency's surveillance for combating terrorism against democratically elected leaders and private businesses. the general apparently didn't like the response or liked the question and tersely responded to him. what about this, is he right to ask this question? >> i think the question was extremely naive. he was right to ask the question but the reality is we live in a rough and tumble world and the u.s. has to have an aggressive intelligence operation. i'll give you one, terrorism. there's many states that are a good friend of ours. they're not incarcerated. they're not monitoring terrorists who may be planning attacks on the united states. we're completely within our rights to do what we have to do. to defend the homeland against such threats. >> from what i'm hearing, both of you agree with what the general has said about nsa's conducting surveillance, yet secretary of state kerry recently said the surveillance activity happened on a kind of autopilot within the nsa, without the knowledge of senior officials within the obama administrat
. the question that will affect our future as a nation is going to be whether he got past security. for instance was the shooter able to go through security and rifle undetected? we don't know. did he go past security in a way he is have? he may have been in the area of tickets and before you go past security screening when he brought the rifle in. that is a concern. you travel overseas in some countries, greece, you get an initial screening as you go in the airport itself. but the terminal in the beginning, here in the united states that is not common practice. can you get in the common areas with just about anything. is that one story? if he got past security that is another story that history tells me would affect all of our lives in a big way. we are working tweets over here ryan. what are you getting? >> and so far the la times, 20 tsa workers. >> we don't know where they were in the security gate or where? >> we are working to confirm that. >> we have seen a number of victims from the live video? >> correct. >> we don't know how severe. >> we are still working to confirm. >> ryan, thanks.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2